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Essential Guide to Commercial Kitchen Installation

Setting up a commercial kitchen is not an easy task. You have to consider the needs of your staff and customers, as well as the shape and size of your restaurant’s kitchen. Moreover, when getting commercial kitchen installation done, you have to make sure it is compliant with certain guidelines and regulations. 

Your commercial kitchen installation is just as important as the design itself— it can make or break your business.  

With years of experience and expertise in commercial kitchen installation, you can trust Fan Technicians. We make sure your restaurant kitchen is installed to their rigorous standards.

Essential Compliance Tips for Commercial Kitchen Installation Food preparation activities keep a commercial kitchen engaged at all times. 

To avoid cross-contamination and ensure safety, regulators need the area to comply with Federal and State regulations. These policies can have an effect on your food business in different ways.

Here are the most important compliance standards to consider for a new commercial kitchen installation—

Temperature Sanitation

In every commercial kitchen, a professional dishwasher is a must-have. Your new appliance restaurant supply service can provide you with a variety of heavy-duty dishwashers. Temperature sanitization is the most important function of a commercial dishwasher. 

Temperatures of 150 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit can destroy microorganisms in a high-temperature form. 

Detergents can be used to disinfect low-temperature appliances. The style you select will be determined by your commercial kitchen‘s design. A dishwasher with a high-temperature setting can take up more room and use more energy. Low-temp models, on the other hand, can leave stains on your cutlery.

Safe Kitchen Layout

Your workflow’s efficiency can have an impact on both performance and safety. Regulations demand that the layout of a restaurant kitchen allows convenient movement and prevents accidents. By carefully mapping the tasks, you will improve the flow of work.

Rubber floor mats can be used in high-traffic ought to prevent sliding hazards. To prevent accidents, it is better to design two-way routes to make movement easier. Depending on the quality of your service, you can choose from a variety of floor plans. Galley, Assembly-line, and the open kitchen layout are only a few of the options. Also adding a handwashing station is very important— for convenience as well as health safety purposes. 

Stainless Steel Surfaces for the Kitchen

Stainless steel should be used in the design of a commercial kitchen. Stainless steel is impervious to moisture and is non-porous. As a result, it is an excellent choice of material for containing bacterial growth. 

If your food service will be processing meat also, stainless steel surfaces are needed. A revolutionary appliance restaurant supply service will help you find the right type of metallic table. Stainless steel can also be used for sinks, exhaust canopies, backsplashes, and counters in restaurants. These surfaces are simple and quick to clean and maintain, and stains and blemishes can be removed with a damp cloth.

Compatible Sinks

To meet the required standards, you’ll also need ceramic or stainless steel sinks. In terms of food safety and processing, ceramic is equivalent to stainless steel. It’s stain-resistant and easy to clean with a damp cloth. 

For a busy kitchen, ceramic is also a long-lasting choice. Non-manual taps, either automatic or pedal-controlled, must also be installed in the sink. To avoid cross-contamination, different sections for meat and vegetables should be created.

Importance of Professional Commercial Kitchen Installation

A commercial kitchen installation is ideal for people who own a restaurant or who regularly offer catering services to consumers or clients, large or small. Commercial kitchen installation can make commercial catering much safer, easier, healthier, and more functional. 

We can come up with a commercial kitchen installation that will not only make your life simpler but will also ensure that your business is running smoothly. A kitchen well-designed by a professional will look after all the essentials and make sure that the kitchen is designed adhering to the standards.

We are experts in every aspect of kitchen installation and maintenance service. With years of extensive expertise and experience in the industry, we can equip your kitchen with a comprehensive solution for all your food service and catering equipment within the commercial kitchen installation work. 

Whether you are looking for a food service equipment service, emergency repairs, kitchen maintenance or a full turnkey kitchen installation project, Fan Technicians offer exceptional commercial kitchen installation services

We have a team of highly trained commercial kitchen design and installation engineers who are fully acquainted with the latest regulations. 

We are dedicated to our work. We ensure that your commercial kitchen installation, repair or maintenance work gets completed on time according to your budget. We are very particular about the quality and standards— that’s why we always strive to deliver the highest possible standards of service. Hiring us, you can have the peace of mind that your kitchen is on the safest hand. We make the most of your available space and equip it with the optimum food service equipment to make your business grow and run more proficiently. 

Commercial Kitchen Installation— Why Choose Us?

At Fan Technician, our commercial kitchen installers have experience and expertise at all levels of commercial kitchen installation from schools, restaurants pubs, coffee shops, and hotels to offices and the leisure industry.

Since a successful commercial kitchen installation demands careful planning, we will be happy to speak with you through the design and planning stages. Our experienced installation teams of a commercial kitchen will also assist you if you already have a kitchen design and only need commercial kitchen equipment supply and installation.

Design options, along with safe and efficient commercial kitchen installation, means you can make well-versed options to get the best food service and catering equipment for your space, needs and budget. 

What Makes Us Unique?

• In-house installation team with experience and efficiency

• Discarding or proper storage of old equipment

• Tailored fabrication to a high-quality standard

• Top manufacturers based on quality, reliability, and cost of ownership

• Off-site consolidation of new appliances, which is double-checked before delivery 

Ventilation and extraction built-in to comply with the latest standards

At Fan Technician, we make sure all our equipment is installed to boost its life time as well as reliability. We also focus on amplifying productivity, safeguarding all appliances run as competently and smoothly as possible.

Get in touch with us today to know more about our commercial kitchen installation and maintenance services. 

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