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Answered: Do I Need Air Duct Cleaning?

When was the last time you checked your ducts to make sure they were clean? Generally, most people never think about their ducts because they believe they are clean already. However, over time, the ducts begin to accumulate garbage, insects, and even pests such as mold and rodents.  Apart from simply blowing all of those pollutants into your home every time your HVAC system is turned on, these elements will jam up your vents, making them less functional. That’s why proper professional air duct cleaning is very important to ensure the proper functioning of your HVAC system.

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

Air Duct Cleaning— Why You Need It?

For every home, the duct system is a crucial part. It serves a crucial purpose— it ensures that the home is always filled with fresh and healthy air. It efficiently eliminates the foul air from the house, and replaces it with fresh air, keeping the residents safe, healthy and happy.

The duct system gets contaminated by smoke, dirt, dust and other materials that pass through it while using the system. This makes a call for regular air duct cleaning service.

The difficulty of cleaning the ducts can vary depending on several factors, one of which is the size of the building. If the house is large and has a complicated floor plan, the duct system is likely to be complex as well. Cleaning a large and complicated ventilation system can be a difficult task, which is why the majority of the homeowners and commercials choose to hire professional duct cleaning companies

Why Keep Your Air Ducts Clean?

It’s simple. Clean ducts are more effective. A well-cleaned and maintained, it will work at the most efficient standards, giving quicker responses, a safer and more comfortable living space, and a cutback in your energy bill.

Professional ductwork cleaning services also averts unnecessary stress on your system. A duct clogged with dirt dust or debris makes the system work harder to push the contaminated air out of the room.

Why You Need PROFESSIONAL Air Duct Cleaning?

The benefits of getting your air duct cleaning professionally done are many, including—

Improved Air Quality

Pollutants that enter your home can cause a variety of illnesses, and leaking ducts can disperse these pollutants across your entire home. Pollutants are filtered out by your HVAC system, but leaks prevent any of the air from getting through the filter properly.

By removing the majority of pollutants floating in the air, sealing the air ducts will help to minimize allergies and sickness. A sealed duct can increase the quality of air in your home by allowing better filtration of the air in your HVAC system.

Cleaner Environment

Professional services fully replace the dust that would otherwise spread in the rooms, allowing you to live in a cleaner environment. This includes the house’s furniture, bedding, flooring, and other items. The ultimate result is a clean, healthy environment for you to live in.

Safer Home

Many families overlook the risks of dust and debris accumulation in the HVAC system’s internal ductwork. If an issue arises with the thermocouple, pilot light system, heat exchanger, electrical wiring, or gas lines, this dust and debris may easily transform into a fire hazard.

Getting your air ducts system cleaned and maintained on a regular basis by a professional, the qualified technician will check for any potential safety problems that could compromise your home’s safety and put you at risk of a fire.

Better Furnace Efficiency

Thoroughly cleaning your HVAC system from dirt, dust and debris will make your furnace work more efficiently. The heat produced by the furnace is more easily transmitted through the ducts into your home’s air, rather than heating the mess within the vents. Running a furnace is costly— make sure your furnace isn’t working any harder than it has to. A well-maintained HVAC system works more efficiently and smoothly, thus lowering down your utility bills too.

Increased Longevity of HVAC System

As your HVAC system controls airflow in your home, leaking air ducts can cause it to overwork. This raises the system’s wear and tear, requiring multiple repairs over time. Sealing the ducts will improve the performance of your system and help you prevent costly repairs.

Comfortable Home

Your system’s power to manage indoor temperatures can get disturbed by leaking ducts. Some rooms in your home can be hotter or colder than others, causing discomfort. Professional duct services can help control the indoor air and maintain consistent temperature levels in your home.

Elimination of Toxic Bacteria and Allergens

Dirt and dust aren’t very toxic on their own, but when contaminated with allergens and microorganisms, they can be dangerous. All of the polluted air gathers mildew, bacteria, pollen, mould spores, and pet dander, recirculating them across the home and creating a variety of respiratory issues, especially in people with a history of allergic reactions.

Regular cleaning and maintaining the air ducts by professionals guarantees that your home is free of allergens and other toxic materials. You can check out National Air Duct Cleaners Association NADCA to find out the best air duct cleaning and service provider in your area.

What is the Best or Recommended Time for a Duct Cleaning?

Although it is highly advisable to schedule an air duct cleaning and maintenance inspection at least once a year, there are times when an air duct cleaning is necessary straight away. Such situations include—

  • If you have recently shifted to a new place
  • If you have recently changed any HVAC system component
  • A diagnostic test indicating debris and dust accumulation in the duct system
  • If you had your upholstery or carpets professionally cleaned
  • Any guest inside the ducts
  • Any strange sounds

Generally, HVAC duct cleaning is quick. It should take place sometime around late spring or early fall— when the heating and cooling system is not in much use. It gives the technician enough time to fully inspect and clean your ducts before using the HVAC again.

Breathe Easy and Fresh with Air Duct Cleaning by Fan

Create a clean and healthy environment with a well-maintained air duct system. It’s probable that dead skin, bacteria, pet dander, and other unwanted pollutants contaminate your air, and thus causing illnesses. You and your family would be healthier if you breathe clean air. Keep the air you breathe fresh, clean and safe with professional air duct cleaning services.

Our technicians maintain the highest standards of efficiency and workmanship. Every member of our team has been qualified in the best HVAC service standards and takes pride in providing the best possible customer service. When you schedule an air duct cleaning service with us, you will get the peace of mind that your duct system is in safe hands.

Schedule your duct cleaning today for comfort, health safety and long-term savings!

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