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Is It Crucial For Every Kitchen To Have A Kitchen Extraction System?

Kitchen extraction systems have become a requisite in every commercial kitchen. As we know a commercial kitchen is a place where huge amounts of food are cooked for business purposes. It may include a cloud kitchen, the cooking space of a restaurant or a catering service. For all these places to serve their purpose and to maintain the health and safety of the staff and the visiting customers, an extraction system is more than essential. 

What Is A Kitchen Extraction System?

A kitchen extraction system is a system that helps in maintaining the quality of air inside a commercial kitchen by improving ventilation and eliminating particles like grease, dust and fumes. It also ensures adequate ventilation to the building or kitchen. It may sound to be simple, but the commercial kitchen extraction systems are complex and are made of several key elements. First, it has kitchen extraction canopies which are made of stainless steel. It extracts gases and other particles from the kitchen atmosphere. The canopies have the proper that can be frequently removed, cleaned and replaced. Secondly, it has ducting to discharge fumes. Commercial extractor fans are placed within the duct which helps in extracting the fumes from the hood and then expelling them through the duct system. The right side of the fan is carefully chosen to ensure adequate ventilation. In kitchens where a lot of frying happens, carbon and grease filters are used within the duct.

The position of this system is carefully considered to avoid unwanted complaints and problems. Because, if placed near residential areas or other offices, it may cause problems that may affect your business.

What Is The Function Of A Kitchen Extraction System?

As presented at the outset, an effective kitchen ventilation system primarily works to ensure the safety of the staff and customers. Because these systems extract and expel harmful gases like the carbon monoxide gas that is generally produced during cooking. It also eliminates fat and grease particles that can cause health ailments like asthma and other respiratory illnesses. It also reduces fire risk. These extraction systems are also responsible for odour control in the working environment. A good ventilation and extraction system will see to it that air movement in the kitchen will not cause discomfort. At the same time, it will provide adequate air for complete combustion in fire appliances.

Is It Crucial For Every Kitchen To Have A Kitchen Extraction System?

From reading all this information we would have very well known that having a kitchen extraction system is CRUCIAL. But knowing the advantages of having them and in what way they can help will help you decide better. 

Having A Kitchen Extraction System Is A Legal Requirement.

Having an extraction system in your kitchen is vital because the law requires it. The health and safety regulations decree that every enclosed workplace should provide effective and suitable ventilation. So at the very beginning when you are planning to establish a kitchen, you would have to visit the local planning authorities. If there is no room for a kitchen extraction system you may not even get planning permissions. And if you do not have one it is considered an offence. Moreover, every kitchen will undergo regular health and safety inspections, so even if the extraction system will not be maintained well, the visiting health safety executive will demand the closure of your business. 

Kitchen Extraction System Will Improve The Air Quality In Your Workspace.

As we know cooking and preparing food produces a huge amount of smoke, steam and intense heat. The other common problems include airborne particles and odours that irritates the skin and eyes, in prolonged periods it may also cause respiratory problems. Apart from affecting the staff in the kitchen, it also affects those outside the kitchen. It may also bother the customers in the dining area. But with a kitchen extraction system, you can avoid such problems. They remove these irritants from the air and help in moderating the temperature in the kitchen. 

Kitchen Extraction Systems Helps In Removing Grease Particles

Frying food items can cause grease particles to evaporate and become airborne. These crease particles will deposit and accumulate on the walls and the ceiling. Apart from giving an unpleasant look, it may cause extremely unhygienic situations and cause major problems in food safety. But the ventilation systems safely remove these grease particles and helps in maintaining a clean and safe kitchen environment.

Kitchen Extraction Systems Helps In Maintaining The Odour

A properly installed kitchen extraction system will help in preventing the odours from the kitchen from festering and affecting the workspace. It also prevents the kitchen and unpleasant odours from travelling to other parts of the premises like the dining area.

They Help In Preventing Fire Risks

As they eliminate extremely flammable grease and other residues they prevent your equipment in the kitchen and also the people who use it. It reduces the risks of fire accidents and therefore will ensure the safety of your property and the community.

The Extraction Systems Ensures Health protection 

Increased productivity is important for your business to thrive. But the increase in temperature in an enclosed space may result in heat stress and laziness in the staff, thereby it will result in an unsafe system of work and cause high staff turnover. On the other hand, when you protect your employees by installing extraction systems then you can increase their productivity and decrease their absence due to sick leave. 

Kitchen Extraction Systems Results In Environmental Safety.

Grease particles are produced from the stovetops, when not eliminated, they cause an environmental safety hazard. By installing and cleaning these systems you will decrease the contaminated air in the kitchen area and the dining area. 

Kitchen Extraction Systems Increase Energy Efficiency.

A kitchen exhaust and ventilation system will result in better airflow. This will increase the performance and efficiency of the equipment in the kitchen. Such highly efficient equipment will increase higher production rates and lower costs. So you can save money on energy bills and maintenance fees.

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